Diamond Platnumz shows off his drip
Diamond Platnumz shows off his drip

Is it a case of sour grapes or is Diamond Platnumz's ex-manager spilling some serious tea?

Well, Ostaz Juma Na Musoma who manages Bongo superstar Diamond's career at one point claims that he is living a lie.

Speaking to Tanzanian newspaper  Simulizi Na Sauti, Ostaz said, “They (artists) should stop it. They fake very many things, Yes, I know I was also part of the process back then, but it should stop."

He explained how they used to fake a posh lifestyle and how they would chase clout from that.

“We used to fake our performance fees. We would give a higher figure but take whatever the client offers and this is what most artists do to date, including Diamond.”

Adding, “He (Diamond) is living a lie and everyone believes it. That is how the industry is nowadays. It is part of the route to get to the top. I advise them to stop that and be real.”

Diamond Platnumz in a chartered private jet
Diamond Platnumz in a chartered private jet

His manager Sallam SK has been hard-pressed to prove that the star has plans to buy a private jet.

Speaking to Wasafi FM mid this year, his business development manager Sallam SK explained, "When we get a jet it also has to make business sense at the moment we are in talks with companies to hire it out. It won't just be for Diamond to travel in. At the moment these plans at 80% done."

Adding, "The jet will be acquired by August if aviation officials give us a clear. It is a 13 seater jet. You don't have to buy a jet in cash, you can get a loan."

It is October now and there is no mention of the said private jet. Only time will tell if indeed the star is faking his lifestyle or it is the real deal, in the meantime, he continues to be the envy of many who follow his lifestyle closely on social media.

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