• William was found dead in an apartment on Monday. 

Oscar's Award winning actress Lupita Nyon'go has paid her tribute to the late American actor Michael K. Williams.

Through her Instagram page, Lupita shared how she met Michael K. Williams right after her audition for 12 Years A Slave.

She said that she sat next to him at dinner that night and was drawn to his kind eyes that were a direct contrast to the menacing scar that sat between them.

Lupita described Williams as a soft-spoken and warm person.

''When I asked him about his scar - a question I quickly realized he must have gotten a million times, he gave me a smile and a light chuckle and said,

"I have lived many lives, Lupita." And then he graciously told me the story, like he had never told it before... Michael went out of his way to make me feel like I belonged at a time when I really needed that reassurance.''

William was found in an apartment on Monday.

He played Omar Little, a gay, streetwise robber of drug gangs.

Lupita added;

''We clicked, exchanged contacts, and stayed in touch ever since. We expressed wanting to work together.

We never will. But I did watch his work. And he mine. We sent each other encouraging messages from afar. I am glad he knew how much I valued him.

I live on with the comfort of knowing he valued me too. As devastating as his passing is, I will continue to hold him warmly in my heart.''

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