Police officers in Busia County have been dispatched to search for Wilson Simiyu Situma (29) who escaped while in custody for the alleged murder of a businessman.

The saga began when Police Constable, Robert Ruto, opened the male cells in the morning to allow the suspect to fetch water from a tap 10 meters from the cells for cleaning the cell.

Simiyu went outside with a bucket, while Constable Ruto was still talking to other prisoners, Simiyu scaled the wall of the station and jumped over a perimeter fence of the adjacent old Busia Law Courts and escaped.

The suspect is believed to have sustained injuries in the course of the escape since there was a piece of human flesh stuck on a metal spike of the perimeter fence.

The police officer on realizing the escape, tried to give chase to the suspect and fired four rounds of 7.62mm ammunition from his AK 47 rifle but missed the target.

It’s believed the prisoner escaped by boarding a motorcycle with an unknown registration number.

The suspect had been recently transferred to Busia police station from Kitale GK Prison, where he was imprisoned for multiple offences including Robbery with Violence. 

He was to appear before Busia High court on Monday, September 6, 2021 for a plea over the murder of Alfred Obayo, who owned Texas hotel in Busia town.

The police are now calling upon the public to be extra careful and report any suspected individual or anybody with information on the whereabouts of Simiyu to report to police or any relevant authority as the suspect is a dangerous person.

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