• Mama Dangote says the 'Madam' mentioned in Diamond's new song is Wema Sepetu. 

Diamond and Wema Sepetu
Diamond and Wema Sepetu
Image: Courtesy

Diamond Platnumz's mother, Mama Dangote has given hints that his son is still in love with Wema Sepetu. 

While sharing an excerpt from Diamond's new song 'Naanzaje' Mama Dangote say diamond is singing about Wema Sepetu.

"Madam kama madam lakini sepewesewe… aka sepenga Wema Sepetu, sio maneno yangu, ni maneno ya Simba," she wrote. 

In the music video released on Sunday, there is no direct mention of Wema Sepetu by the Bongo star. 

However, on the date of its release, Diamond said the hit reminds him of his former lover.

"When I watch this video, especially this piece I remember very far... the days of deep love with Madam... The days when we locked ourselves in the house all week, I would avoid recording and even when a performance came up, I would find a reason for my absence," he wrote.

Now, Mama Dangote says the 'Madam' mentioned is Wema Sepetu. 

The singer dated Wema Sepetu before marrying Zari Hassan and later having two other baby mamas (Tanasha and Hamisa).

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