• Eric was shown a round helipad; an area where helicopters land. 

Eric Omondi and Jimi Wanjigi
Eric Omondi and Jimi Wanjigi
Image: courtesy

Billionaire Jimi Wanjigi and comedian Eric Omondi are proving to be buddies. 

On Monday, Eric Omondi's team visited Wanjingi at his Muthaiga home. 

At the home, Eric was shown around the helipad; an area where helicopters land.

"This is where the Heli lands.  You see it very well, especially when you come in at about 6-6:30," Wanjigi said.

Wanjigi also showed him the Mugumo trees in his compound, and the significance they have to him. 

"Once you have got these three, you are a king," he said.

Comedian Eric Omondi has been campaigning for Jimi Wanjigi, who seeks to become Kenya's fifth President. 

According to Eric, it is time for fresh, and young people to take leadership positions in Kenya. 

However, his endorsement has attracted uproar from Kenyans because Jimi Wanjigi is 59 years, and not young as Eric puts it. 

His relationship with Wanjigi has also put him at war with members of ODM Party. 

"The other day I saw some little comedian here talking about Fagia Wote, what has he ever done other than to make us laugh?

"At the end of the day we have to respect our elders and what they have done. The amount of time that Baba has spent in and out of jail.

Teargassed, running, falling, just for this country, the sacrifices he has made to not even be there for his family," Esther Passaris responded to Eric's campaign message.

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