• Ivy Namu told off a fan who asked if Willis Raburu is the dad to her child, "On the issue of paternity/fatherhood leave it to Abraham."

Ivy Namu
Ivy Namu
Image: Instagram

Willis Raburu and Ivy Namulinda are proud parents as they welcomed their first child a few weeks back.

Ivy was gracious enough to engage her fans is a question and answer session.

One fan asked her what to expect if they wanted to have a baby soon.

She advised any couple looking to get pregnant soon, "Arrange your finances, insurance and all to avoid surprises also involve your gynecologist early."

Narrating her hospital experience, Ivy revealed, "I was at Nairobi Hospital and they took really good care of me especially since i am a first time mum.

From the theatre talking me through the process. I was a bit anxious to aftercare where the nurse  and staff were really patient and kind to me. I am grateful for all that."

A curious fan then asked Ivy why she opted to get a baby before tying the knot with Willis first.

"Because it is my life, and I do what I want, when I want and how I want. Also hii life haina manual or one size fits all formula please," Ivy shot back.

On knowing the gender of their child before it's birth Ivy said, "Yes, I did. I like knowing things. There is no way nigengoja (wait)."

Asked if Willis is the father of her child, Ivy responded, "Mambo ya fathers wachia Abraham (On the issue of paternity/fatherhood leave it to Abraham.)"

The two meet at Royal Media Services when she started working at Hot96 and on the 10/10 fan page.

Asked what the child's name is Ivy was coy about that.

"I'm not yet ready to share that, for privacy's sake. Just bare with me."

Asked if they planned on having the baby, Ivy said, "Yeah. This was a planned pregnancy." She added a smiley emoji at the end.

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