• Ivy Namu got into the limelight after siring child with the media personality.

Ivy Namu
Ivy Namu
Image: Instagram

Ivy Namu aka Sugar Venom is Willis Raburu's baby mama.

She hit the headlines when footage from her baby shower was leaked. It was then confirmed that she was pregnant for the Citizen TV journalist.

The two are blessed with a baby. Fans have speculated that it's a boy from the photoshoot colour to the baby shower theme colour.

But, the couple is yet to confirm the gender of the baby.

In an Instagram session with her fans, Namu shared some information about her. She asked fans to ask her questions;

When asked about her biggest fear, she said it is frogs;

So, we can easily say she has Ranidaphobia.

About the worst thing anyone can ever do to her, she said;

Namu hit the headlines after it emerged that she is dating Willis Raburu, who divorced his wife Marya Prude in 2020.

About her childhood secrets, she said;