'Yoyo is saving me' Lupita updates fans on life as a cat-mom

•Lupita recently broke up with her boyfriend Masekele.

• She has joined the cat-moms club.

Lupita with her cat pet Yoyo

Oscar Award winner Lupita Nyongo recently adopted a cat.

The move came weeks after breaking up with her boyfriend Masekele.

Taking to her socials to introduce her 'child' Lupita credited her breakup for the bold move given she is not a cat person.

"Introducing my new companion, Yoyo!I have historically been afraid of cats, but when my life was altered instantly recently, a little voice whispered to me that it was time to embrace change and new possibilities.

So, a dear friend (shoutout Palmer Hefferan!) held my hand through the process and took me to visit my first animal shelters. I fostered Yoyo from Best Friends Adoption Center, and 3 days into it, I knew I could not give him up."

Lupita Nyongo with her mum and her newly adopted cat


What I have learned about him already:

• He LOVES company

He LOVES his food

• He is extremely careful and rarely drops things

• He is very picky about his wand toys

He only drinks running water

• The bugs in the house don’t stand a chance

• He can’t be trusted around supplements!I never understood people whose phones were full of photos and videos of their pets - now I am one of those people!

Lupita now says the cat has been a saving grace to her

"It may look like I saved Yoyo, but really, Yoyo is saving me. #YOYOYYO #Caturday

And shoutout to the fantastic staff at @bestfriendsanimalsociety for being so warm, helpful and patient with me!"


In October 2023, Lupita announced she had broken up with her 

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