Kimani has received words of encouragement from Kenyans about his situation

Former Citizen TV host Kimani Mbugua's update after his plea for help

• Kimani now has a phone

• He has a plan for any donations made



Former Citizen TV personality Kimani Mbugua's plea for help amid his disclosure that he was homeless.

Kimani this past weekend appeared in an online video, confessing his dire state. Kenyans consoled him with messages that he would bounce back.

Kimani has given another update that is also encouraging about his situation.

"Hey guys I am so grateful for the overwhelming support from all of you asanteni sana. I didnt even have a phone or mpesa when I posted the video is my new number" he shared.

He added he has solid plans for any donations made by Kenyans of goodwill

"My other 0718 number was passed on to another user, here's my new number...please send whatever you can ata 1 bob ni sawa...I need to raise capital for my company (200k) I will keep you updated on how the money is being used. Asanteni sana"

Kenyans are also sharing video of his former days in glory at Citizen Tv reporting critical issues.

They are heaping praise on him saying that just like others, everyone deserves a second chance.

@Jack254__: Citizen TV should give Kimani Mbugua a second chance he used to be an awesome reporter alfu Vijana let's stay away from drugs it's never a happy ending

@kevinFult....The story of Kimani Mbugua, a promising journalist who rose to the limelight at 19, is one sad tale.

Imagine living the best years of your career at a young age, only to be pushed into drug abuse, which ultimately leads you down a destructive path, robbing you of your career and diluting your stardom. It's a very painful journey 💔

I just hope he gets the help he needs, and that his stars will align again. 🙏

@marion_peter10...Trust me, if he is given another chance he will do wonders to his career. He has learned enough.

@Kwashkwaroz_...I hope life gives him a second chance. He deserves it

@real_ag7.....I know this champ from way back in his time at MU Radio, winning the Campus Vibe challenge by then Nation Radio!

Man was destined for greatness but drugs ruined him, such a sad life bana.

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