Mom dies after sexually molesting 15-year-old son

It is alleged that the mother, after being caught in the act by her son, was taken to the police station but died of a heart attack.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The police are holding the 15-year-old son for being molested by his biological mother.

Crime scene
Image: Courtesy

An unusual case was witnessed in the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania after a woman who allegedly sexually molested her biological son died of a heart attack.

According to a report aired by the Ayo Tv blog, the mother, identified as Clemensia, died after being rushed to the Mawenzi Appeal Hospital from the Moshi Police station while she was being held by the Police in Kilimanjaro region for molesting her son.

Residents of the region who were at the reception of her body for burial described an unusual case where the hearse when it came out of the mortuary and entered the main road to the cemetery suddenly turned off and stopped going.

Later, the car caught fire after the deceased's female child got out of the car. The mother was buried a few hours later according to religious traditions.

Kilimanjaro Governor Saimon Maigwa admitted to receiving information about the incident and said the police are still holding the woman's son who is estimated to be 15 years old for being molested by his mother who is now deceased.

It is not clear what crime the child will be accused of given that the co-accused who is his mother has already died and he is under the legal age of adulthood.

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