Manhunt launched on bodaboda men who molested female motorist in Nairobi (Photos)

She lost money and other valuables in the confusion.


• The incident happened on Friday March 4 as the woman drove toward Thika Road.


Police are looking for a group of bodaboda operators who were captured on video moldering a female motorist on Wangari Maathai Road in Nairobi.

The incident happened on Friday March 4 as the woman drove toward Thika Road.

She recorded her statement on Monday March 7 at Parklands police station and narrated her story. She said she was driving when a bodaboda operator crossed her road forcing her to hit one of them.

The operator fractured a leg after the accident. The woman said she stopped few meters ahead to attend to the scene but was mopped by a group of operators who tried to rob her. This forced her to drive off.

The operators pursued her for a few kilometers ahead and blocked her way before they started to molest her. One of the operators recorded the drama that showed the woman scream for help as the others molested her.

She said she lost money and other valuables in the confusion. She was saved by traffic police who were alerted by other motorists who had witnessed the drama.

Nairobi traffic boss Joshua Omukata said no arrest had been made so far but investigators are working on the issue.

“She has recorded her statement which is now the basis of our investigation into this heinous act. We will get all these goons behind this molestation,” he said.

He added bodaboda operators remain a threat to security at large in the city and other parts of the country.“Ongoing reforms will probably bring sanity to this industry.”

Omukata said they have been receiving dozens of complaints against the operators and warned them against taking the law into their hands.

“In some incidents their actions have turned fatal and others became thieves. Their days are numbered,” he said. He added police are reviewing CCTV footage on the road as part of efforts to identify those behind the harassment.

“If someone has hit you don’t take the law into your hand to beat him or her. That is a police matter and the law will take its course,” he said.

Kenyans online froze images of some of the people accused of the harassment and shared them widely asking that they be identified and punished. The government plans to reform the bodaboda industry in major changes.

Here are photos of the rogue motorists.