Kirinyaga woman found dead, buried in grave inside her home

Woman 44, found buried in their marital home

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Police say more investigatiosn are being done
• Relatives say she had been missing for several days

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Traffic cop dies after motorist drags, runs over him in Mombasa
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A manhunt for a man believed to have killed and buried a woman in a shallow grave inside their house has began.

Police combed a Kirinyaga home for the missing body of the 44 year old woman who was believed murdered and buried inside their home, with many saying likely in their room.

According to Citizen TV, the man is alleged to have killed his lover and buried her body in a shallow grave inside their house in Thiba North village.

The body was unearthed after a long search by detectives as family and relatives looked on in anguish.

The family spoke in hushed tones about his actions with one woman saying

"Tumekuja hapa juu my siister alipotea siku tatu hakuwa anapatikana ndo niliamua tukuje tumtafute"

She added that her long absence worried them

"tuliamua tukuje kwa nyumba tumtafute tukamkosa, kwa hivyo tukaaamua kwenda police station kupiga ripoti na ndio maana tuko hapa sasa" she shared.

The grief stricken family was reassured by police officers that conclusive investigatiosn will be done.

"ni mama ambaye alikuwa amepotea katika jitihada zetu tukaja sehemu hii ambapo anako ishi tulipo angalia ndani tukapata kuan dalili kulikuwa na msuko .

Baadaye tukaweza kuona kulikuwa kumechimbwa chimbwa "

The police officer added that health officers among other specialists were clle dupon to arrive at the scene to provide expert opinion over the incident.

Mwea-west Sub-county Deputy Police Commander Sammy Beauttah said the body of Joyce Nginya, 44, was discovered days after the incident which occurred happened on Sunday night.

"We need a pathologist, we also need an order to exhume the deceased. Kwa hivyo together with officials from DCI we are going to tuweze kufukuwa sehemu hiyo tuweze kuona kama tunaweza pata mwili" he described to Citizen.

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