Tears from the grave: Why Sheila Lumumba is not resting in peace

• Sheila Lumumba was found in her house in Karatina naked in a pool of blood. She had been raped maimed and killed. 

• One netizen said, "Sheila's life mattered. No one deserves to die in such a horrific way because of their sexual orientation. She deserves justice"

in a file photo
The late Shela Lumumba in a file photo
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Sheila Adhiambo Lumumba was murdered in the most gruesome way. Her father spoke to the media and narrated the painful last moments.

John Lumumba explained how she was killed.

“She was hit on the head with a blunt object and bled to death, to the point where when they stabbed her, there was no blood coming out that could be the reason why she did not call out for help, she was already unconscious. That is according to my thoughts, they also stabbed her in the neck and the eyes. I just pray that justice is served."

Lumumba continued, “What we want to know as a family for our peace of mind is why she was killed, why someone who had a lot to live for and a promising future was killed at such a tender age, why was my child killed?”

Sheila's mother added, “It is very sad how my daughter died. When I went to see her body, it is like she was killed like an animal. It was very sad, there was blood all over.”

Breaking down, she continued, “As a mother, I demand justice for my daughter, I pray she finds justice. That is all I can say for now.”

According to the post mortem results, Sheila bled too much, she did not have a chance to fight for her life.

Now, there is an online petition on Change.org to get the "Investigation transparency from DCI and arrests made to Sheila Lumumba’s rapists and killers."

In the petition, Muthoni Ngei is asking, The Civil Rights Movement, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International DCI's George Kinoti and politicians Mutahi Kahiga and Rigathi Gichangua from Karatina constituency, Nyeri County to step up and push for justice.

Sheila was found in her house in Karatina naked in a pool of blood. She had been raped maimed and killed.

"We are calling for necessary authorities to be transparent in the investigation information and charge the perpetrators of violence. It’s not right to sit by and let a minority community be harassed and discriminated against by a few Kenyans. We live by the law and the bill of rights should be upheld. #JusticeSheila #ProtectQueerKenyans because we are humans too!" the petition read.

You can sign the petition here.

Here are responses from netizens on why they are moved to sign the petition.

Paul Papa: I'm signing this petition because justice should and will prevail! These heinous acts are despicable in this time and age! The constitution calls for freedom! Not only as law but also to exercise your rights by virtue of being human.

Margaret Ombuya: Each and every one of us under God's creation, has a right to live their lives.no one should go through such cruelty, all in the name of some people thinking negatively about others. I stand in Justice for sheila!!!!!!

Helena Kithinji: I am signing because I am outraged at the barbaric act committed by these murderers

Millicent Magadi: I am signing because I believe in equality for all. We should not be discriminated against because of sexualities and I believe that members of the LGBTQIA group are just as human as we are. #JusticeforSheila #ProtectQueerKenyans

Alex Murusa: Even the fact of giving a reason, bothers me. It's unheard-of, uncouth & inhumane for such an act.

Charity Mumbi: I am a resident in Karatina and I am sure the police is not doing anything unless they are pushed

Jacqueline Marwa: It is very unfortunate that we still live in a country where someone is slain and nothing happens.....What we want is Justice for Sheila Lumumba.......Let the LBQ have a Right to live...

Susan Wangari Ngatia: Sheila has a right to justice...They did not deserve to die in such a cruel manner just because they chose to be bold..#justiceforsheila

Sylvia Mwangi: Women are so disrespected and disregarded in this country!! Don't rest in peace Sheila, haunt your killers until they decide to take their lives themselves

Yvonne Okiyo: Sheila's life mattered. No one deserves to die in such a horrific way because of their sexual orientation. She deserves justice

ROBINSON MAGATI: I'm signing because of the barbaric act

Lewis Mworia: I'm signing because every Kenyan's right to life is protected by the constitution. I'm signing to ensure that no other Kenyan will be disrespected because of their right to life.

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