•As the officers were booking the suspects, they suddenly become drowsy, incoherent and very drunk.

•This forced the cops to rush them to a nearby hospital for medical examination.

Crime scene photo
Image: Courtesy

Police officers in Kabete are holding four men who stupefied passengers with an unknown substance on a Nairobi-bound bus.

The bus travelling to Nairobi from Kisumu was driven to the station after the driver noticed from the rearview mirror, that everyone was asleep and snoring.

However, two people were moving from one seat to another.

As the driver detoured to the station, the two suspects tried to jump out of the bus but did not manage.

The driver then rushed to the report office and said the bus was under attack.

Police on duty cordoned the bus and ordered the passengers to get out.

True to the driver's observation, half of the passengers were sleepy and drowsy due to the stupefying substance.

Most of them had lost their laptops, mobile phones, and money.

After a long interrogation, the officers singled out four suspects who were found in possession of the lost valuables. 

However, as the officers were booking them, the suspects suddenly became drowsy, incoherent and appeared drunk.

This forced the cops to rush them to a nearby hospital for medical examination.

At the hospital, it was discovered that the suspects had also stupefied themselves with the remaining substance to destroy the exhibit.

The bus was allowed to continue with the journey but passengers were advised to seek medical attention on arrival at their destinations.

The four suspects were on Monday still in hospital ahead of planned arraignment.

Stupefying to commit a felony is contrary to Section 230 of the Penal Code and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Police say cases of stupefying have been on the rise and mostly affect revellers.

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