Crime scene
Crime scene

Saturday morning started on a crazy note for the guard at Bigsal Apartments. The man guarding the luxury apartmets was startled by a very loud bang of something that landed in the backyard of the posh apartment at 3am.

The guard went round to check what was happening, only to be confronted by the sight of a man’s naked body, lying on the ground. As he pondered his next move, a second body this time belonging to a woman landed on his feet with a thud!

He ran in fear out of the apartment complex and straight to the Mtwapa Police station.

"There are falling ghosts at my place of work," he told the police officers who were sceptical about that storyline.

Adding, "I heard a loud bang in the backyard, followed by the deafening noise of a car alarm that immediately went off."

Anyhow, they accompanied the frightened guard to the posh apartments in Mtwapa where they were met with a bloody crime scene.

They discovered two bodies with multiple fractures, belonging to a man and a woman. It was established that the woman identified as Lucy Nyokabi, 23, was a tenant in the apartment and was cohabiting with the man who has only been identified as ‘rastaman'.

They lived on the fifth floor of the building.

After accessing the house whose door had been latched from inside, detectives established that the two had been fighting prior to committing suicide.

The bedroom’s floor was flooded with blood while a glass table in the living room had been shattered.

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