Road accident, shattered glass
Road accident, shattered glass

A city driver accused of causing death by dangerous driving has told the court he did not do it intentionally.

In a defence hearing yesterday, James Kyalo Kivuva said he tried all possible ways to save the pedestrian but all was in vain.

"The road was under construction and was a single lane, all over a sudden a person crossed from left to right I applied the emergency brake and tried to suave to avoid knocking him but an on oncoming trailer put on lights which resulted to an accident," Kivuva told Senior resident Magistrate Eunice Suter.

He stopped taking the injured person who was lying on the ground to Mama Lucy hospital with the help of the public who had come at the scene.

He then informed his family members when the phone of the injured person rang while at the hospital.

Kivuva said the Oloo was then transferred from Mama Lucy to Coptic Hospital then Kenyatta National Hospital where he died while undergoing treatment. He said he was part of the funeral arrangements for the deceased.

He said the car was being driven at a moderate speed of about 40 to 60 KM/hr.

Kivuva said this was the first accident he caused after 20 years of driving and did not have any intention of causing an accident.

The judgment of the case will be in October 4.

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