Mother from hell! Kitengela mom kills son, lies to cop about it

Piece by: Mpasho News

A mother who savagely tortured her son to death and then reported to the police that he had fallen off a sofa set to cover up her heinous crime is behind bars.

Mercy Mlengeka Mwauli walked to Kitengela police station in Kajiado County at 7.30pm yesterday and reported that her son had fallen from a couch and sustained head injuries.

They lived at Ngewa Apartment.

The boy, Sunny Dickens Anjichi, was rushed to the nearby Shalom Hospital, but unfortunately breathed his last as doctors and nurses made frantic efforts to save his life.

It wasn’t until an autopsy was conducted at the hospital’s mortuary this morning at the request of the boy’s father, that police uncovered the mother’s lies.

They discovered that the boy had actually died of severe injuries inflicted on his body.

Pathologists established that the minor had severe bruises on the lower limbs. There was also severe bleeding on the upper limbs, the back of arms, thighs and the head.

A distraught Dick Anjichi Ndubukhile, the boy’s father, and our detectives witnessed the post-mortem. Armed with the findings, our detectives visited Ngewa Apartment and questioned the mother and the caretaker.

The investigators established that the child had been savagely attacked by the mother over an unknown issue.

The woman was swiftly arrested and placed in custody awaiting her fate in court. She’ll face murder charges once investigations are completed.

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