A woman who plunged his two kids in a borehole at her Chemaner home in Bomet east on Monday under unclear circumstances before fleeing is set to be charged with murder.

Police say they will be seeking more time from the court to continue holding the 22-year-old mother as they finalize their investigations.

Officers familiar with the case said the woman threw the two sons of ages four and six in a 40-meter well with a clear intent of killing them.

Residents who had the children crying for help rushed to the scene where they rescued and took them to Longisa hospital.

The younger one, however, succumbed while the six-year-old is still undergoing treatment at the facility.

Acting Bomet East sub-county police commander Nelson Masai it is still unclear as to the motive behind the woman’s resolve to try and execute the kids.

“We are yet to get to bottom of the incident as to what prompted her to plunge the kids in the water well…our officers are, however, still holding and once they are through with investigation we shall get to understand this whole episode,” Masai said.

In the bizarre incident which shocked residents, police who responded to the alarm was forced to rescue the woman from being lynched by irate members of the public who were baying for her blood.

The woman had gone into hiding after committing the beastly act only to resurface after the residents started mounting a search for her in the nearby tea plantations.

Some of the residents who spoke to the press said the single mother may have been undergoing depression hence being forced to commit the offence.

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