• Waiting for the officer in charge of children's issues to inquire for more information.

Video screengrab of the crying child in the Ngong matatu
Video screengrab of the crying child in the Ngong matatu

A standup comedian knowns as Omuga Bash who was in a town bound matatu from Ngong noticed something peculiar about a woman who was travelling with a wailing child.

The little child was inconsolable the entire trip. Everyone in the matatu was concerned.

"For the updates about this case nimekua Railways Police station from that time hadi jioni seems huyu mtoi ameibwa far. The mother hasn't arrived but the kid ako safe. The woman still in police hands. Tomorrow I'll update more on this good night family. God bless you."


"Mimi sitachoka ku update about yesterday's story. The kid was taken to Kamukunji Police Station. I'm off to Kamukunji more information coming hoping for the best.. Mungu atasaidia."

Updating on the case today morning, he said, "Finally here (Kamukunji Police Station). All shall be well. Waiting for the Officer in charge of Children's to inquire for more information."

UPDATE 15:07pm July 11, 2021:

Updating his followers, Omuga tweeted, "We took the kid out the woman's hands to the real mother. She was not the real mother."

Adding, "Finally the kid was reunited with the mother. I'm a happy soul."