• The wife of her first murder victim, John Ogweno, has shade some light on the kind of person Caroline Kangogo was.

Juliet Ogweno, rogue cop Caroline Kangogo and murder victim John Ogweno
Juliet Ogweno, rogue cop Caroline Kangogo and murder victim John Ogweno

Rogue cop Caroline Kangogo is wanted by police. She has been on the run for 7 days now for the serial murder of Police constable John Ogweno and security consultant Peter Ndwiga.

The wife of her first murder victim has shade some light on the kind of person she was.

John's wife says Caroline constantly called her just to check up on her, this was a month before his death.

Juliet Ogweno details her conversations with the rogue cop. She told Citizen TV that she did not suspect the two were lovers at the time.

She also said that Caroline was very keen on having her take John's children to Nakuru to visit and hang out with them.

The wife and the children of the late Ogeno live in Kasupul Kabondo, Homabay.

Three days before John was shot and killed, Caroline made contact with Juliet and assured her that her hubby had arrived safely in Kericho and had gone straight to work.

She did not think much about it. She took it as a good colleague checking up on her.


John Ogweno
John Ogweno

In a sadistic twist, on Saturday, July 3, 2021 hours before his death, Caroline then called Juliet to tell her, John has confirmed that he will be able to attend the children's graduation that was set for today (Saturday, July 10, 2021).

Juliet's intuition was peeked when Caroline started asking about the children.

"She would call and ask, 'How are the kids? How are you fairing on? I want John to come and bring the children over to Nakuru for a hangout.'," Juliet said.

Juliet said that her insistence on the matter sent some alarm bells in her mind.

To placate Caroline, Juliet told her, "If John wants the children he can come pick them himself. There is no problem."

This shifted the responsibility to John to deal with the ever inquisitive Caroline.

His dad, Edward Ombai shade light into how John was like.

"He was quiet man and John disliked unnecesary arguments. When he is annoyed or annoyed with you, he will walk out on you."

Caroline is still on the run. Media reports claims she was spotted partying at a popular Nakuru clublast night.