US-based producer and artists Vinie Chwani and producer Kon Beatz steps back into the music scene in 2020 with 21 fitrack Album ‘Trap Dance’ #TRDT set to be released on Monday 21stt September 2020 across all digital platforms.

Trap Dance follows on from Vinie Chwani’s commitment to release a song/single every month under Klass Music Inc.

An Umbrella that has included other artists from the alternative scene including Shujaa Beatz, Klass The Rapper, Abbu among others.

This new Album showcases the artist’s versatility.

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Work on the EP’s/Album began in 2018 and is a beautiful culmination of an individual ready to reclaim his place in the music echelons.

“Trap Dance is a gift to anyone; it is a way of life, a type of dance, a new music sound that incorporates Hip-hop, Benga, Trap and Dancehall.” Vinie Chwani says of this body of work.

As a songwriter, composer and producer for the Album, it wasn’t always easy for him hence the three years it took him to come up with the project.

During the composition period, he experienced a variety of challenges including a long spell of writers’ block.

The title track lyrics serve as release from the manipulation of another and the end of self-doubt.

He proudly declares: “You were just too afraid of our magic”.

“Trap Dance” speaks to finding one’s own magic and reveling in the beauty of your “otherness”, the flaws you are too afraid to embrace and the ‘you-ness’ that you have always wanted to stand tall and claim.”

The other songs explore sensual love (SPECIAL FEELING), lighthearted love (LIVE LIFE), The Doctor and Curry will be released as the first Instant grat off the EP on 21th September 2020. The song is a declaration of worthiness in its entirety.

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Overall, Trap Dance signifies the magical chemistry between Vinie Chwani and longtime producers with whom he Co-created this debut album.

The mastering on “Mama” and “OH NANA” finishes off the EP to be released and Album on a high note.

His first body of work after a long period of uncertainty and fear, Vinie Chwani proudly presents his unadulterated self.

He claims, “This is a perfect piece of work, but it is a perfect representation of the thoughts and feelings he had during the making of this Album. I hope it will give someone else the courage to break free from whatever they feel is weighing them down.”

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