5. Rachael Shebesh

Rachel Shebesh borrowed a leaf from a Safaricom customer care attendant who went viral after her photos taken helping a disabled man hit the net.

Safaricom employee Pauline Shamola went down on her knees to assist a disabled person at a store in Nakuru.

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Their photo was taken by a passer-by and shared on social media, where it has trended since Tuesday. She was praised by members of the public and recognised by CEO Bob Collymore.

Days later, Shebesh was in the cross hairs of Kenyans online when a photo of the mheshimiwa talking to a disabled man on on of the Nairobi streets were posted online. One would think that this would be lauded but KOT went ham on her.

Shebesh, who is city woman representative, was captured by a passer-by sitting on the dirty pavements on a street in Nairobi over the weekend, and talking to a disabled man.

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Casually dressed in a t-shirt and red shoes, Shebesh was also captured helping the man onto a wheelchair which she then pushed. It is not clear what she discussed with the man identified as William Kisumo.

But the woman representative only managed to irk Kenyans with her act, some saying she was on a vote-hunting mission.

“This is absolutely raping our morals; it’s disgusting and pure lack of common sense for political mileage,” said Twitter user Munene Victor.

Here are some of the sentiments raised by KOT.

Daniel Kyalo wrote: “This is the biggest hypocrite I have seen in October. Where has she been for four years? The county government has messed Nairobi city and we should vote all these fellows out.”

Patrick Omondi said: “I can boldly say here that Rachel Shebesh is the worst thing that has ever happened to Nairobi.”

Owen O’wch noted Shebesh had the power to do much for the people over a period of five years, but was now “pulling a Pauline stunt”.

Other social media users lodged personal attacks against Shebesh asking her to change her hairstyle.

“I think it’s time for the style to change if people recognise you from your wig,” said Galgallo Isacko.