Say No To Rape

Nigerians are slowly taking over Kenya. Many of them reside in “middle class” city estates. Most of them are believed to be conmen, drug dealers, womanizers and allegedly use black magic for their ends. Nigerians are well known for their flashy lifestyles which they post on social media platforms; especially Instagram.

Well, a Kenyan lady, let’s call her Mercy* (not her real name) has left many shocked after she narrated her horrifying experience with the men from the west. Mercy who frequents Hornbill, one of the  famous clubs in Umoja area, where Nigerians flock to “prey” on fine lasses from Eastlands, was recently raped by 6 brodas from Nigeria. The traumatized lass narrated her story to a popular blog and this is what she had to say:

On this particular Friday night, Mercy had her lucky day or so she thought; thinking to herself “I just hit the lotto”.

Mercy was treated to the drinks of her choice, and as expected of ladies who drink Kibao with their friends behind scenes, eat githeri sukuma wiki at home but will swear they only eat pizza, chinekee! So Mercy doesn’t go for the obvious knickers dropper, Guarana, instead, single malt whisky. 

“No problem baby, you can order everything, in fact, you can even take di whole bar and drink it, moni isn’t di problem Nah”

I swear I could hear him say that miles away.