God is always the best answer for your troubles and award-winning gospel singer Willy Paul seems to have found solace in the name of the Lord. After he was involved in a series of scandals, the controversial singer has announced that he is now a changed man.

Through his social media accounts, he has been posting a lot to do with change and below are some of the things that show that he has indeed changed and he is not going to backslide again.

1. He has started going to church

Last Sunday he went to church accompanied by his close friend Size 8 and confessed that he was actually going to change. Next Sunday he will be leading the praise and worship song.

Finally! Willy Paul Goes To Church To Confess His Sins (PHOTO)

2. Consistently praying

After he won nothing at the just concluded Groove Awards, the scandalous singer has turned to the Lord. He has been sharing long prayer pieces on his Facebook account


3. Learned to appreciate his fans

Unlike many celebrities who are always down to earth, Willy Paul had become a nuisance; fame hat gotten into his head and he forgot those who made him famous. But after the whole world turned against him, Willy Paul seems to have learnt a lesson from that and of late, he is always appreciating his fans in almost all the posts he updates.


4. Improved on his fashion

Why lie, Willy has become the very embodiment of his new moniker; msafi!