Rayvanny and Willy Paul

It is getting hot in here.

Willy Paul has called out Wasafi artiste and head songwriter, Rayvanny for allegedly jacking his song, Chuchuma after their collaboration did not fall through.

The two are said to be planning to release the same single as their next music project.

The only problem is, it is both of them have titled the single Chuchuma.

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Rayvanny and Diamond
Rayvanny and Diamond

Willy Paul in a video message claimed, “It is so sad that he is trying to steal from me just because the collabo did not work out.”

This was part of his long message calling out Rayvanny.

“Okay, what’s up people. I would like to bring this to the attention of people. [Rayvanny] is trying to steal from a Kenyan. Yet all along Kenyans have supported their music. I have gotten support from his country as well.”

He added,

“Someone is stealing my idea. It is so painful. You cannot do that to a brother. You cannot steal and get away with it.”

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Willy Paul
Take a look at his hands

As a warning shot, Willy Paul told the Wasafi artiste.

“My friend listen, nobody steals from Pozee!”

Check out the two songs below and tell us if the songs are similar or nah!

Rayvanny is yet to comment on these allegations.

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