Willis Raburu and Mary

Willis Raburu is one man that shows what the power of a strong will and a never say never attitude can do for one. This is proved by his awe-inspiring rise to become a media darling. Also, his weight loss journey was one that should motivate many who harbour the same goals this new year.

But another part of the presenter that draws interest is his marriage to the love of his life, Mary Raburu. But if anyone thought that even here he does not have a story to tell, they would be very wrong.

Willis Raburu and Mary

The 10/10 host detailed how he was already engaged to another woman before he finally settled on Mary Ngami.

He explained this in an interview with Kalekye Mumo, describing the first time he had met his future wife saying:

We met in church, at Jubilee Christian Church through my friend Pablo. He introduced me and when I saw her, I was like good Lord hallelujah. But even though I noticed her fineness, I did not do anything as I was still in a relationship. About a year passed by after we met.

Mary Ngami
Mary Ngami

Sally was clearly living on borrowed time as a year later the two would be done. He continued:

After my break up, I reached out to her. I was very sceptical so I teased her a little. She would reach out to me and I just did not reply. This was because I wanted to know whether she loved Willis the TV guy or just Willis. I cancelled dates like four times.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu wedding

And now they are together. Clearly, his vetting tactic worked as the two have now been together for close to two years.

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