The couple have been called idiots by Zari

Tanasha Donna has officially moved out of the house they used to live in with Diamond Platnumz.

Tanzanian gossip pundits claim that she has gotten an apartment in Tanzania for when she is in the country.

They also claim that Tanasha and Diamond’s rift was widened after Diamond was said to have spent a considerable amount of time with a video vixen.

This rankled Tanasha to no end.

She packed her bags and left.

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Tanasha Donna claims that Diamond came to her life as a mistake and that is why God decided to remove him.

There are people who come to someone’s life as a mistake and God has his ways of  removing them.

Also, their issues did not start when Diamond refused to support her but also when he did not attend Donatella’s EP launch.

However, Diamond made it up to her by releasing the song Gere together.

It is said that Mama Dangote is the one who made sure Diamond had full control of the song since its posted on his YouTube page.

Tanasha’s manager was asked to pay Diamond a certain percentage for the collabo and since they couldn’t afford him, Diamond was given full control.

Diamond gets paid for the song then he is the one who gives Tanasha her share.

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The family of Diamond, however, is said to have wanted nothing to do with Tanasha Donna ever since their relationship started.

The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was when Tanasha returned from Tanzania, she found female inner wears in their room that she did not recognize.

In conclusion, Tanasha has decided to build her empire and work to make her music amazing.

She has also blocked Mama Dangote and Esma Platnumz.

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