Kenya’s king of dancehall Redsan recently revealed that he has a wife and four children all tucked away from the cruel scrutiny of the social world.

Speaking to Churchill on his TV show, Redsan his wife doesn’t like that kind of limelight.

“My wife doesn’t like it sana hizi limelight kunakuwanga na disadvantage nyingi sana especially kwanza huku East Africa sijui ni nini mbaya, you might decide to expose your family then people compare and criticize them.”

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He added,

“Diss inacome kabla ya praise, things like your outfit. She always tells me to keep my family life away from social media, to post my work and nothing else. She says the family and my work should be two very different entities.”

Redsan however introduced the world to his family saying,

“I have four children. There is one who rhymes. I tell him soma kwanza sitaki noma, kwanza the way the industry is hard, I tell him school first. The first born is turning 9, then there is a 6 year old and then a 4 year old and the last born is 2 years. The last born is a boy, he pelekas me mbio, he is into TV and music, but mazee I tell him hold on.”

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