Ever dated someone you work with? It can be fun or not depending on who it is you are dating,more often than not it’s something we have no control over.

This is because of t,he rapport created over time.

According to Jalango,

‘The reason why people in the office end up dating is because they spend so much time together.’

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Sarcastically adding

‘If you are dating a woman in the office,then she knows when your salary checks in, hakuna kusema huna pesa.’

There are some demerits that come with dating someone you are working with and this may include;

1- Insecure partners can cause havoc

We all know of colleagues who are over friendly. Some people may not take it well as they may assume one is flirting/cheating.

2-  Seeing your spouse everyday can get boring

Yes, I said it. Seeing your ‘office bae’ every minute of the day can become boring.

We all need some ‘space’ once in a while and such a setting can’t provide that.

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3- When body language is off people assume you are fighting

4- You can’t hang out with your colleagues after work without having to offer explanations

Especially if your spouse is the jealous type.

So before you start courting that woman you have been crushing on, think very hard whether you have the guts to face other people in the office.

If you don’t then just kula kwa macho, after all kuona ni bure kugusa ndio pesa.

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