Eunice Njeri has shared a very revealing post on her social media. The post is penned by a woman who is narrating her account of losing a baby.

This post comes after Eunice Njeri dropped a bombshell on her fans, family and hubby that the marriage is no more.

The instagram post has since been deleted and Eunice is staying mum about the entire issue.

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Anyhow, Eunice shared a sad story penned by Natalie Stodolka about how she lost her child with hubby Adam.

She writes, “Last year, on this day, Adam and I were in the midst of experiencing weakness in all ways. We had received news 11 days earlier on January 15/16 that the little one growing in my womb was without a heartbeat. We had been waiting so long to have a baby, and it was over so soon.”

Eunice seems to have related to this blogpost that was titled “Mercy”.

The post continued, “If you find yourself reading this, and you are in a pla”ce of lost hope, it’s not my prayer that everything in your life would be made perfect. It’s my prayer that you would become more and more aware of his presence in your disappointment and places of hurt. It’s a process. Be patient and gracious with yourself, and allow your heart to feel what you need to feel. It’s also my prayer that you would see Jesus as the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. He is your Promise Land. When you are ready to, let go of the idea that unless you have your heart’s desire you are left wandering in the wilderness. If you have Him, then you have arrived.”

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Natalie finishes the post with, “Sassy Side Note: Please stop asking couples when they will finally have kids. It’s personal and probably none of your business. You never know the private struggle a couple may be facing. Ok, rant over.”

Eunice Njeri seems to have related to this post on different levels. Meanwhile, her hubby…ex-hubby has not said a word about their broken marriage. He has opted instead, to post updates with explicit subtexts on his facebook to respond to the mounting pressure to give his side of the story.

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