Sarah and Simon Kabu
Sarah feeding her husband Simon Kabu cake during his birthday after buying him a house in Ol Pejeta
Sarah Kabu, the director of Bonfire Adventures has set the bar high for women. She bought her husband, CEO of the tours and travels company Simon Kabu his dream home in an estate adjoining Ol Pejeta Conservancy.
The mother of two surprised her hubby with a 5 bedroom house worth Sh37 million. Houses at this particular place cost nothing less than Ksh25 million.

Semi-furnished with carport goes for Ksh45 million, furnished, without garage goes for Ksh37M and unfurnished without garage goes for Ksh29M.

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Sarah revealed that she took a loan to buy the house, which was her hubby’s dream.

‘Happy birthday, sweetheart… @kabusimon yes now we have our very own private getaway in the wild when we want to unwind from city’s hustling… I knew how badly you wanted to get a holiday home inside Ol pejeta conservancy but Corona happened. You dreamt to enjoy but you didn’t DARE TO ACHIEVE. LADIES I have told you many times to visit @dadabystanbicbank page uchanuliwe na women of substance on how to achieve your goals through #DADACAN ask any teacher without loans you cannot achieve much like for this project only 30% of potential income will be going to loan repayment and nikimaliza Mimi na retire hapa na who is who in Kenya’ read sarah’s message.

Check out photos of the house

Sarah and Simon Kabu
Sarah feeding her husband Simon Kabu cake

Sarah and Simon Kabu Sarah and Simon Kabu Sarah and Simon Kabu Sarah and Simon Kabu

Sarah and Simon Kabu

The excited Kabu took to social media to praise his wife, showering her with love.


‘Thanks so so much everyone who wished me a happy birthday today.Now… I’m overwhelmed by what @sarahkabu surprised me with today. Imagine a Retirement home! Sarah… I’m over the moon… You are a Proverbs 31 woman… This is too much on me.😍😍😍😍. We have been visiting Olpajeta ( Mt Kenya Wildlife Estate) MKWE-many times and everytime we visit there i always comment…. Ningetaka kuretire hii place”…. But this year we have been affected in hospitality and Didn’t have hizo plans hivi karibuni,’ he wrote in part.

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He went to reveal that the house was named after their firstborn child Austin.

Sarah took this seriously and Took a Loan with Stanbic DADA ) without my knowledge) and Bought the house for me! 🥰🥰🥰🥰. She organized my birthday bash at Olpajeta ( with
my knowledge) as we normally visit with BONFIRE ADVENTURES AND EVENTS Sept Babies..but today…. i thought we were going for a Bush lunch….. Shock on me and my cubs… We got a surprise of our lifetime.
Sarah… I will continue supporting you in anything you do and will always make you happy. I will make sure you get a surprise of the century. Thank you 1000000 times. 😍😍😍😍😍. Sarah, i’m not sure why you want me to retire early 🤷‍♂️
The house is now named after @austinkabu and is known as #Mtaliiparadiseolpajeta.

Sarah has left many praising her and it’s now a challenge to women to also pamper and treat their men nicely.

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