A hip-hop crew called Effect Gang has come out to shame rapper Kristoff, Yvonne Darq and Kush Tracey for sampling their beat and passing it off as their own original production.

Effect Gang members took to Twitter to expose them saying,

“I hear there is a certain artiste who has stolen our song. Man, and the way we have suffered to get to where we are,” They said.

Adding, “The song is called Bash and it is a sample of our track also titled Bash. Even the chorus is similar to our single.”

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In a press statement, Kristoff defended their song saying, “Kristoff’s management has not taken the allegations politely as such indictment is jeopardizing to their clients’ brand and want the ‘gang’ to withdraw their statement or legal pursuit will be taken up.

The statement continued, “There are better, mature and professional ways to get attention and collaborations for upcoming artists looking to merge with growing and/or established artists.”

Adding, “BASH was scripted and recorded 4 months ago, May 2019 to be precise. The video was shot in August 2019 and a trailer announcing the release was published on September 12th 2019. It is a copyrighted track under KECOB.”

“According to digital mediums, the ‘gang’ joined YouTube on September 11th 2019 with 39 subscribers as of September 14th 2019. The first video was published by VDJ Jones as a promotion video on September 14th after the release of KRISTOFF’S music video a day prior.”

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The management suspects that the DJ involved in Kristoff’s collabo with Boondocks remix to their song ‘RIENG’ could be behind this ‘sampling saga”.

Check out Kristoff, Kush Tracey and Yvonne Darq’s song Bash.

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