Bob Collymore and Wambui

The widow of the late Safaricom CEO, Wambui Kamiru Collymore, has spoken out after the details of Bob Collymore’s last will and testament were made public.

Wambui in a series of tweets said she is not “news worthy”.

She wrote, “I am not the news. The news is what we are leaving in the dark. Media can determine the future of our country everyday, on that front page by casting light into the dark. On just that one page, media can make or break us as a nation.”

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Wambui and Collymore
Bob aand Wambui Collymore during their wedding in April 2016

Wambui advised that the media should concentrate on news pieces that create change in the life of readers.

“Since 2016 when my name first appeared in press concerning my private life, I have done some interviews and turned down a lot more than I have accepted. Often my interviews are focused on the work I do in the hope that it educates and empowers others. My argument has always been that my personal life is not news worthy,” she stated.


“My argument has always been that my personal life is not news worthy.”

Wambui went ahead to explain.

“As I understand it, the job of media is to inform, educate and empower. This is the essence of free press – to enhance critical thought and then to drive positive change. #StoriesIWantToRead.

“Since the focus is on me again and I still don’t consider myself newsworthy,” adding, “I want to see change in my country. But it has to start with media, the very powerful source of infomation that unlike alot of other institutions, we still have some level of trust in.”

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Wambui noted,

“It is not by chance that media is called the 4th Estate. In lieu of a strong opposition, media really should be holding fort. There was a time when newspapers spoke such truth to power that people read particular articles in secret. Folding the paper over so as not to reveal the questions that articles raised.”

She continued with a famous quote, “The media are not the holders of power, but they constitute by and large the space where power is decided.” – Manuel Castelles.”

Wambui in her long winded statement noted,

“The media can raise consciousness, can fullfil the greatest role in redirecting our country from the bleak future that we are hurrying toward.”

She concluded,

“Kenyans are capable of radical change. Kenyans are capable of innovation and are of great resilience. The media should not waste us by having us believe that we have nothing of substance that is newsworthy.”

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