The euphoria of relocating to South Africa with his family has calmed down with DJ Krowbar and his young family finally settling in.

KWAHERINI WASEE! DJ Krowbar And His Family Leave Kenya For Good (PHOTOS)

The DJ, who won the Pilsner Mfalme Challenge, then went ahead to say he cannot endorse the beer brand due to his religious leanings, a statement which caused waves locally. This did not stop him from going ahead and conquering the DJing industry.

Now, DJ Krowbar – real name Fredrick Karumba Ngatia – has relocated to South Africa with his family. We have no doubt he will take the industry there by storm and represent Kenya in a big way.

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He says that he spent days and nights in his studio to churn out jingles and scores for movies and commercials.

“I spent like more than half the days of this year in our studio my wife kept me company on those many nights when we had crazy deadlines… The voice over and music scoring business was so life changing for us we learnt a lot, met many people we would have never met and many lives were changed by the many commercials we did,” Krowbar narrated.

It seems like the long nights paid off and they got a job offer in South Africa which they could simply not turn down.

On Sunday, January 22, DJ Krowbar, his wife and two kids headed out to a local Cape Town church.

Krowbar wrote, “Oh my goodness, our first time @hillsongcpt the spirit moved today in a mighty way during praise and worship… We had a great time. #ThankYouJesus.”

Check out the picture perfect photos;

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