Radio Jambo's Mbusii

Radio presenter Mbusii born Daniel Githinji Mwangi is a household name in Kenya.

Mbusii and Liondeh

Mbusii, who Co-hosts the Teketeke show with Liondeh on Radio Jambo, was once a matatu tout and he says he never thought he would be a radio presenter.

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The soft-spoken father of two in a recent interview with Mathree Magazine revealed that he has a lot of respect for matatu crew.

‘I earn because of them. They are like my employer. I have much respect for them,” Mbusii said.

He added that:

“When I receive phone calls from drivers, conductors or even passengers, who are listening to our show in matatus I feel very happy and much appreciated.”


Mbusii, says he’s happy with the support from the matatu culture and urges his fans to continue supporting him.

“I was once a conductor in Mathree plying the Kariobangi route. I know many drivers and conductors. They are my great friends. I can say they are one of the people, who have made me who I am today,” he said. 

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Mbusii, who is a good citizen of this nation, reveals he always advises drivers to strictly follow the traffic rules and regulations and also respect passengers.

“I always appeal to them to obey matatu owners, traffic police and passengers. Above all they should drive safely.”

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