It’s getting harder and harder to remember the many passwords for the multiple platforms and devices that we use. However, did you know that your voice has a unique pattern that cannot be easily replicated?

Voice recognition is a technology that is catching on and it has a sort of futuristic feel to it. A voiceprint is difficult to spoof because it contains different characteristics in combination such as your accent and tonal inflection. It’s really difficult for someone to fake your voice.

This is why Safaricom launched ‘Jitambulishe’, a unique service that allows you to create a vocal password for easier access to services such as resetting your MPesa PIN and PUK requests.

Jitambulishe eliminates the need for vetting or security questions to verify ownership, and makes it possible for you to speak a simple voice pass phrase for authentication. Jitambulishe service also enable you to access more self-service options easily and fast.

How to use it

Keep your phone line secure and make your voice your password with Jitambulishe. You simply register your voice and use it to access Safaricom’s services such as getting PUK, Unlocking M-PESA Account, getting M-PESA PIN/start Key and performing a SIM replacement safely and conveniently.


  1. Call 456
  2. Select the Language of your choice [English or Kiswahili]
  3. Select option 1 to enroll your voice to the Safaricom Jitambulishe service
  4. Key in your ID number and Press #
  5. Enrol your voice by repeating the phrase “At Safaricom, my voice is my password” OR “Safaricom, sauti yangu ndio kitambulisho changu” three times
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN to complete enrollment