Quick Fire questions with Actor Brian Kabugi

• He is currently acting on Salem.

• He has also acted on Volume and Machachari.


Mpasho caught up with Kenyan actor Brian Kabugi in a quick-fire session.

During the Q and A session, he shared some unique stuff fans did not know about him.

The 23-year-old, referred to as Buggi by people close to him, is currently acting on Netflix show 'Volume'.

He told Mpasho that the TV show Volume has impacted his life as an actor greatly.

Speaking to Kalondou Musyimi, the actor shared

"It's even making me start to put in more effort in myself as an actor. It has shifted my interests a lot towards the music side" he detailed.

Brian is looking forward to acting roles that will put him out of his comfort zone.

"Something that will probably force me to change my physique or something you know" he pointed out.

A secret about him?

"What secret? I don't have secrets" he laughs hard.

Brian also acts in the telenovela show Salem, where he is cast alongside greats Jackie Matubia, and the late Charles Ouda.

Watch the quickfire session below

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