Eric Omondi narrates how he narrowly escaped being initiated into Illuminati


• Eric Omondi advised young people to work hard in their endeavors without thinking that joining the Illuminati

Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Comedian Eric Omondi has denied being a member of  the Illuminati.

In an interview with blogger Trudy Kitui, Omondi revealed that he is not a member of the Illuminati, contrary to the beliefs of many over time.

Omondi stated that the rumours began when he was a comedian on the Churchill Show.

He narrated a story about receiving a call from an unknown person who wanted him to help them join the Illuminati.

Omondi tried to discourage the person, but they insisted to the point where they asked him to send money to assist them in joining.

Omondi played along, asked for 50K, and then told the person to come with a white goat and 25K, promising to guide them further. However, he blocked the person after receiving the money.

"That rumour has been there since I was on the Churchill Show. Someone called me during the day and asked me to help them join the Illuminati. I told them I didn't know what the Illuminati was. I told them I'm not a member. They called me again at night, insisting I help them join the Illuminati," Omondi explained. 

"I told them I would help them join the Illuminati, but not to tell anyone. To join, you pay 100K, but for now, I want you to send me 50K, come with a white goat, and 25K, then I'll tell you what to do.

And they sent the money. The money came to this phone of mine. If there's money I've ever eaten, it's that one. They called me twice; I told them they are very foolish. Later, I blocked them," Omondi added.

The activist, who is said to be contemplating entering politics, advised young people to work hard in their endeavors without thinking that joining the Illuminati would help them succeed in life effortlessly.

"People must work. What is this about the Illuminati? The reason I ate that person's money is that they insisted on joining the Illuminati through me," he said.

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