Vesha Shaillan
Akothee's daughter and baby daddy Aggrey Okello

Vesha Okello has said the divorce between her parents left her very confused and angry as she could not comprehend why they couldn’t work things out.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Vesha said

‘My parents divorced when I was in class four. I could not understand why they had to breakup.

One day they were arguing and I locked them up in a room and told them I would not open until they reconciled.

I used to see on TV  that divorced parents could still workout so I didn’t understand why mine were not making things work’

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Vesha added that at some point her mother Akothee left home and cut all communication for a few weeks.

‘My mum left and never communicated at all,no one knew where she was.

we did not hear from her for like two months, My dad then left us with his mother and went to look for a job.’

Despite the divorce Akothee kept assuring her kids that they had to learn to forgive and accept their dad.

‘I felt like I could not forgive him but my mum kept telling me that he was still my dad and I had to forgive him.

At the time I felt like he was the problem.

All this time he never explained why they were arguing in front of us.

To date he has never explained why the two divorced.’

Vesha added

‘Right now we are very good friends.

We talk and he advises me,now that am grown up I understand things better.’

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