Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has cleared the air on her beef with rapper Khaligraph Jones a few years ago. Vera told Word Is;

The beef was fake, and people did not know that we created the beef. If the fans think we have beef then let them think so.

In the past Vera, went hard on Khaligraph, asking,

Everyone has been sending me screenshots of this boy posting a photo shopped pic claiming “tulitoa tint pamoja” first things first; My dear hujatoa tint bado! TINT yako bado imeacha ma traces nyuma coz ulitoa manually badala ya automatically.

What kind of man bleaches!? Bleaching and skin lighting is for women. Not men. Cause it’s like makeup. Men don’t apply make up.

“Oh plus we ain’t the same bro! Skin lightening and bleaching are two totally different things…Stay on your lane Prissss!”

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Otile Brown and Vera Sidika broke up because he (Otile) was taking advantage of her financially, that was according to a claim by Vera. She said;

Yes, I am single. I am no longer in a relationship, and the reason is because he broke up with me again, because I did not give him money that he wanted me to. He wanted 500K to buy a new Mercedes after trading in his current car.

That led to Khaligraph posting a photo of a Bugatti Chiron, asking Vera to also give him money.

“Veronica Sidika Shikwekwe, Cheza kama Wewe, pie me niletee hi machine Mtaa, naskia we ndio unapeana ma loan apa nje, it’s only $1million na nimebakisha 500k.”

Vera Sidika- Khaligraph Jones

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Fans thought the two are reviving the beef believed to have existed, but Vera responded:

If he (Khaligraph) doesn’t have the ego like most people from where he comes from, he can come for the money. Luos are different but if he wants the cash I will give it to him, because it’s not a big deal to me.

Asked why he posted that, Khaligraph said:

It was a joke and I wanted to make people laugh. I chose her (Vera) case with Otile Brown because it was a funny situation. From what I have been reading on blogs, because I have not been following up on their relationship, I found it funny. I have nothing to gain on beef.

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