Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike has denied ever having a vasectomy, two years ago.

Speaking to Mpasho, Pretty Mike defended himself saying,

“As you can see we have 6 lovely children due. I’m a father to alot of people, my friend will say, I’m a father figure. The ones (kids) I don’t know are many and I won’t even deny it.”

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Asked about the vasectomy, he said,

“What is that? Just to take him up on his accusation, by this time next year we shall be having a baby, I’d rather show than talk, I will show you.


“I would like the baby to have a swahili name.”

Pretty Mike was also tasked to prove that all the six women he showed up with at a wedding indeed have his children.

He said, “Were they there in my bedroom? Well that is one of the things that are ongoing in the lawsuit we are trying to find out the timing, there is a couple of discrepancies, there was a particular time I was out of town and we are trying to connect the dots …I’m talking too much. I’m trying to see if something is for me when you say it is.”

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So what is Pretty Mike’s source of wealth?

“Apart from the fact that I’m born into a wealthy home, I never put that out to the public or make it a part of who I am. I have been in the night club business for over 15 years, hosted different parties, pretty much part-owner of nightclubs since 2008 and other various investments.”

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“I mean, I don’t think I live a flashy lifestyle, don’t forget this is Instagram, what I show you is what you believe, but behind closed doors, after Instagram, you don’t see the lifestyle. There is a difference between a flashy lifestyle on Instagram and one in real life.”

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He continued,

“For now I can only explain to you the one you see on Instagram, I If you want to know about Pretty mike you have to step into my life.”

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