These two have been married for just a few years and one would say they’re on their honeymoon phase, but who cares, this man is on point when it comes to showing his woman how much she means to him.

SEMA DJ MO KUANGUKIA! Size 8 Stuns In New Photos

DJ Mo must have taken a month to plan all this, and it clearly didn’t go to waste because Size 8 was smiling from ear to ear with every surprise. Without further ado, I will take you through Size 8’s birthday last night and how it went down;

It all started with a sweet message from DJ Mo, to his wife on her birthday which made us think it would be a simple, calm day. This is what he wrote;

I have learnt a lot from you ,you have been there for me and you love for God really brightens me up – Today as we celebrate your birthday I wanna let you know that you mean a lot to me and there is no exact word that I can use to explain how awesome you are to me – Love you Linet ,though it has not been easy for you to keep up with my craziness you have been a great wife and mum to our wonderful and beautiful Daughter – HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

Alongside this cute compilation of Size 8 photos;


Sweet, right? Wrong. You have not seen everything yet.

Look at what he did next. You will be shocked…