Kenyan warnings

Are you one of those people who follow instructions put in place by every institution to avoid getting into trouble or you’re the tough headed type who ignore rules/warnings?

Well, if you walk around especially in estates you’re come across several warnings, warning people not to do this or that. But some ignore and go-ahead to break the rules.

Kenyans on Facebook shared some of the warnings they claim no longer scare them anymore and below is the list

1. Usitupe taka hapa

2. Usikojoe hapa!

3. No idling/ No idle sitting

4.Mbwa kali

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5. Don’t sit here

6. Hakuna njia [No through way]

7.No Photography Allowed

8. Food and drinks from outside not allowed

9.No smoking. Nao fumar. Usivute sigara

10.Electric wire!

11. This Land is not for Sale..Beware of Conmen.

12. Authorized persone only

13.Park at your own risk

14. Don’t touch

15.Keep off the grass

16. Do not use your mobile phone.

17.Mganga Hatari

18. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health

19. Silence in court

20.No adults on the bouncing castles

21.No parking

22. Switch off your mobile phone

23. Usilale nyumba hulipii rent

24. Unauthorized passengers not allowed

25. Usisimame hapa [Don’t stand here]

26. Beware of slippery floor.

27.Usivute sigara hapa.

30.Plot not for sale.

31.No hawking

32. Do not park infront of the gate

33. Mind your head.

34.No preaching

35.Wet paint

36. Huyo ni bwana ya mtu

37. No hooting

38. Usimwage ndani

39. Am married

40.Usimwage maji chafu kwa choo

41. Danger/hatari

42. Don’t bang the door

43. Silence

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