Kenyan Women quotes

We have Robert Mugabe quotes, Anne Kansiime quotes, Wavinya Ndeti proverbs and it seems Kenyan women also have their own quotes.

‘90% Of Ladies Have Nothing To Offer In Relationships!’ Mugabe’s Latest Quotes Leave Kenyans In Stitches

These are the quotes they use when you annoy them. I stumbled upon a conversation on Kenyan Talk forum of men sharing some of the quotes women use especially if you’re a broke man, you don’t treat her like a queen and of course if you are an average ‘performer’.

Well, here is a compilation of dumbest quotes frequently used by ‘independent’ Kenyan women (slay queens). Go through;

  1. Am a girl of principles. One who doesn’t entertain nonsense but only strive to be successful

2. A relationship should only take you to an altar or bank if it’s only taking you to bed and the kitchen sweety say no to slavery

3. Do not chase happiness, let happiness chase you

4.If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best

5. If you don’t contribute anything to how I look and how I dress, you are not a man.

6. Behind every successful woman is herself

7. Ladies if you have ever accepted to go for a date in a fast food joint, get down on your knees and repent.

8. Don’t give these bad boys any time of your day. The quiet, almost aloof men are the keepers.

9. A man will make you feel valuable, so special, cherished, loved and confuses you with his sweet and so promising words and actions, this lasts for a day or hours. Later the dude will start acting like they were on a road test and realized it’s unroadworthy and even unload worth, jumps to another with the knowledge that women are created weak and does the same…

I feel cursed for them, dudes, they deserve the worst. I wish there was in a world somewhere with no men

10. Women Rule


12. A real man will accept a woman and her kid

13. Sapiosexual, Bibliophile, wanderlust, Everyone’s a queen, God’s daughter, Someone’s Salome

14.  I’m not saying that you’re stupid but I’m saying that you have a bad luck when it comes to understanding


16. Big-up step dads, we have no time for deadbeats




20. Ladies, a career will never cheat on you. Stay Woke.





25. I have seen foolish men but I’ve never seen a man who has the combination of foolishness and stupidity. You are one in a million!



28. I love deep/intelligent conversation


30. Dear mother in law, don’t teach me how to raise my kids. Am living with yours and he needs alot of improvement.

31. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency, do not waste your time.


Kenyan Women quotes

33.My life is not CHECHE where your opinions count


35. Most men are single because of the sound they make while drinking tea


37. Don’t think I lost a gem while looking for stones, friend I was struck by lightning and had to drop it…



40. Don’t judge me if ur blood can’t wash away my sins

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