What is really happening in Kenya? What has the world come to? Can you imagine, a kawaida mwanainchi who is in severe pain has been denied medication in a government owned hospital for, get this, being ‘dirty’? The patient eventually kicked the bucket simply because ‘nothing could be done’ in time. This is not a scene from a mooshy mushy soap, this actually happened at the Coast General Hospital.

The hospital which has been put on the spot for malpractice and negligence by doctors is at it once again.

This time it involves, 26-year-old Jane Achieng’ who bled to death after undergoing a cesarean section, said Health executive Mohammed Abdi. She underwent surgery on March 4. She was discharged but readmitted on March 9 after complaining of excruciating pain. Apparently, she was sent away by hospital officials for ‘being dirty’. The government has commenced an investigation to look into claims that Achieng’ was actually mistreated.

“Doctors said she suffered internal bleeding after the botched operation. All this time her health was deteriorating,” said widower Thomas Mwongela.

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As they still look into it, here’s a video recorded by one on the eyewitnesses, showing what actually went down. Check it out below.

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