Willis Raburu

Citizen TV’s 10Over10 host Willis Raburu has re-embarked on a weight loss journey after he stopped working out a few months ago.

Raburu, started the New Year by revealing that he will be hitting the gym and staying healthy.

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The versatile media personality shared a photo-ready for a workout but some of his followers used the chance to troll him.

Willis Raburu

One of his followers identified as shebanpowell wrote,

‘Buda utapunguza weight lakini hayo matiti!!😂’

Raburu, who has grown a thick skin for trolls, savagely responded back and his response read;

@shebanpowell Lakini wewe Na unakaaa trainer hauwezi encourage mtu jameni unaagalia tu matiti ama unataka kunyonya? Kuwa msee Poa tu we are all in a journey

Check out more reactions from his fans;

mutahi_kuria All the best bazuuuuu…….body goals lazima uachieve

otienootieno You spend five minutes working out and then spend a whole day eating unhealthy!!!🤷‍♂️

iamalexie777 We’ve been doing this journey for quite some time! Maybe we need to check our eating habits❤️

the_deputy_sherrif No pain no gain train hard or go, home men,😎

patrickkabuda The problem with you is that you always quit after few months# keep going

_sifa_roxanne Do not Quit! 🔥🔥 Keep it moving! U gat this

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