Richest Kenyan singer Akothee seems to have attended counselling classes. Apart from singing, Akothee is always advising young women on relationships and how to go about this life. Her life hasn’t been that smooth. She has hustled hard on her way up.

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Well, Akothee who is currently abroad on holiday with her two sons has advised Kenyan women how to get whatever they want from sponsors. Not how to ask for an iphone, cars or latest fashion clads but how to make him buy you a house.

Kenyan sponsors

Akothee shared this photo and captioned; “How sponsor looks at you when lying in his five-star hotel room and instead of asking for a house, you are asking for the latest phone and business class holidays. Not my case. #yourpriority your choice.”

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The Sweet Love singer claims that sponsors are upgraded versions of sugar daddies and ladies should set their priorities right. She says that she is not advising women to sell their bodies in exchange for money but to be smart.

“Sponsors are upgraded versions of sugar daddies, hii game ni ya kitamboo, mtu asiniletee mkanye dadako asitumike, you will hear some lost people say , Akothee is encouraging girls to exchange their bodies , for houses , but they are already doing it for champagne and instagram photos ! and I was not there when they checked into those rooms and hanged them on those beds! But any way your life your choice.”