In the African setting, the man is considered the head of the family, but more often than not we have seen how some have failed at this job.

Well, in case you were wondering here are the different types of husbands you will find in Kenyan homes.

The absent provider

These husbands will provide everything for their kids, take them to the best schools, treat them to vacations, and buy them high-end cars.

But despite all this, they are never there to offer emotional support to the wife nor the kids. This one is a job away from being a dead beat.

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Mr. Available but not providing

These types of husbands are always available when needed. They will be present to drop you at the salon, pick you up from work.

Some will even help you cook but they never provide anything in the house except for sex and advice to the kids.

Mr. Dictator

These types of husbands always like dictating how the house will be run.

They dictate how much shopping will be done and how long it should last, woe unto you if it ends before the agreed date.

They are constantly asking ‘kwani mafuta ya kupika siku hizi inaisha haraka aje’ yet they are never in the kitchen.

They will also want to dictate what you wear, who you talk to, and where you go to.

Living in such a house is no different than being at Manyani Prison.

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 Mr. stingy

You may not have a stingy husband but they exist.

By stingy, I mean they provide absolutely nothing, such men think by you being married to them that is already enough to boost your social image.

They do not bother about what food is eaten in that house how the kids go to school nor what they wear.

Sadly, such men have such guts that when they come home they ask for food despite having left no cash to purchase the said food.

When given the food they ‘did not want to eat’ they either refuse to eat, pour it on the cook’s face or even beat up the cook. This brand of husband is the devil’s spawn. Saitan!

They are what we call dume suruali.

So what kind of a husband are you?

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