CS Henry Rotich

Yesterday Treasury Cabinet Secret Henry Rotich read the 2019-2020 budget and boda boda riders, alcohol, cigarettes, betting firms have been hit hard.

CS Henry Rotich

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While addressing the nation, CS said,

Mr. Speaker, excise duties on alcohol and tobacco will be increased as follows: a 750ml bottle of wine will have an excise duty of Ksh.136 which is Ksh.18 more from the current rate; the duty of a bottle of whisky will go up by Ksh.24 to Ksh.182 for a 750ml bottle. The excise duty on a packet of 20 cigarettes will increase by Ksh.8 to Ksh.61 per packet.

Well, this has ignited mixed reactions among smokers and drinkers and below are reactions from

Owen Hinga 24 sio mingi angeongeza 200

Shaqiri Mane Tutakunywa tu bado #Budget2019

Cyprian Oduor After every financial year drunkards like me are required to go deep in pocket do they want us to drink local brews there are other venues to collect tax not whisky and cigarettes

Violah Saisi Tutakunywa tu

CS Rotich

Kiramkeel Mwambie ata waongeze 100

Bernard Koech To encourage Kenyans to grow grapes, and learn how to make wine, the price of locally produced wine should be zero-rated for ten years.

Beaty Betty Tutaokoka sasa

Caroline Jepchumba Think I support him on this one,it should be very expensive so that our youth can’t afford n the money spend on this goes to sth constructive

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Angie Maya Only? Nobody can stop reggae

Dun Comtol Pombe tutakunywa tu chupa ya kwanza ndio tu huwa expee hizo zingine nikuiitisha tu🤣🤣

Musomba Eric Nguli A moment of silence to the walevis and Gabler’s in the house please.

Bernard Otengo Will be drinking in Uganda as usual, who cares

Fernando Morientes We shall drink,Smoke and place bets despite the beating

Kipronoh Sadok I think we should seek to have the patience and tolerance ya walevi. Almost every budget since Moi took over, the tax on drinking goes up bila huruma.

Meitukut Sansad Lemaa Why is the government treating cigars and alcoholic drinks sinful

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Masizenicechrisuri Uri They are hunting for the poor man like a rat.ata kapombe kakutoa stress walai amekaushwo.what do you expect? bangi the better option

Kabiru Wa Irimu Govt should by now realize increasing taxes on alcohol has never solved any financial deficits because they have been increasing alcohol taxes since Charles Darwin wrote theory of evolution na bado tuko na madeni

KingCamfield DeMata Changilwa Hapo kwa pombe tutaandamana. Start taxing this religious institution, they are earning more than public companies

JustusGwaro Smokers and alcohol users mnajenga kenya

Manasse Thank God I quit smoking 🚬 in my younger days.