I have always wondered why some people love destroying the place they call home. Usually, when violence erupts, it is in slums and other informal settlements where you will find residents fighting each other.

Take Mathare for instance. Reports have it that in Mathare, two adults, a lad and a lass aswell as two children have been killed as some of the area residents took to the streets to protest the election results.

And I happened to see a photo of the lad who’d had his brains literally blown out and I was saddened by the realization that for some, the risk was justified by the message they were trying to get across.

But Kibera youth have decided to down a different path. They decided not to get involved in any shenanigans. They have allegedly come together and agreed that the election results not withstanding, they will not tear down their neighbourhood.

And that is what’s up!

The media won’t tell you that Kibera youth had an agreement between themselves that no matter the outcome they will maintain peace, They have lived up to those words ,Kibera is all peaceful??? . Tusibleed ndo walead .

Shout out Solo7 and the page Kenya Rising for highlighting this.